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The current implementation can be considered as part of the MF_segmentor element. At some point, i still wish we can upgrade the logic flow of the MF router, and we can let the computing element become a completely independent element, as in the early 2013 version. It would be really helpful for the future development. There might be some bug in the MF_Segmentor::Computing_updated_chunk , as I develop it just based on my understanding of the MF click router, and I might miss something. After a processed chunk payload is ready, I tried to:

  1. clear all packets
  2. reconstruct all packets according to the new payload, for every packet, i add a hop header (particularly, for the 1st packet, i add a routing header and a transport header)
  3. re-set the chunk payload size in the end

(i foresee that there might be some problem for the chunk pkt count, as the mfchunk.hh does not have a setChkPktCnt() at the moment, I am not very sure if this would be an issue)

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