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Installation and Usage

Installing the computing elements to the MF click router is straightforward, i.e.,

for a 3 nodes topology, I use the following script to test: node 1: file sender

click -j 4 my_GUID=1 src_GUID=1 dst_GUID=2 service_id=0 chk_size=50000 delay=7 pkt_size=1024 topo_file=/users/yeung/topology/topology.txt core_dev=eth0 file_to_send=/users/yeung/squid.conf window_size=1 loss_prob=0

node 2: receiver

click -j 4 my_GUID=2 topo_file=/users/yeung/topology/topology.txt core_dev=eth1

node 3: a router sitting in the middle

click -j 4 my_GUID=3 topo_file=/users/yeung/topology/topology3.txt core_dev=eth0 service_id=1
(btw, we need to revise a bit to add the service_id to the MF_segmentor element)
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